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How to change Cmd + Q shortcut key in Mac OS X [Tip]

While working on Mac OS X you may notices down that many shortcut keys are set to perform different tasks. It is such a good approach of using shortcut keys as it provides efficient and fast working. There are many shortcut keys. Each key provides different functionality to their users. As in Mac OS X Cmd + W shortcut key is used to close a window or a tab. It is not difficult to remember this key. One can easily memorize it. While on the other hand Cmd + Q close the entire application. The issue which mostly users faces in this that both of these keys Q and W are found next to each other on keyboard and in many cases when user tries to cancel any tab  or window he/she may accidentally close the whole application which may sometimes cause a problem.

Changing the Cmd + Q key

You are required to follow the following instructions in order to fulfill your task.

The above mention steps are the easy approach to change the Cmd + Q command in Mac OS X.

People found it mostly difficult to change the settings, shortcut keys or applications on their system. This is not a difficult task you just have to follow the simple instructions mentioned above in order to change a shortcut key so that you may not face any problem. After using the above method you can easily change the Cmd + Q shortcut key in Mac OS X and change it according to your choice. In order to face problem or opening the application again and again changing of key is much better and a good approach as it saves your time and enables you to manage things easily.