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Free Web Design Service – Legit!

Update: Yes I know RationalWorks.net is down. It has been down ever since I moved web hosts. I will put it back up when I have time. If you need assistance with your website or have a web design request, you can contact me [1] (be sure to specify why you are contacting me).

Ever wanted your own website, but do not have the time, money, and/or technical skills needed to make a website? Do not worry – you no longer need them.

Some people may know this already, but some people may not: RationalWorks.net [2] is my free web design service. PMnet is not associated with RationalWorks.net, except for the fact that I run both website, in any way – they are two completely seperate entities. But I figured PMnet viewers should know about the service RationalWorks.net provides.

RationalWorks.net uses open source webmaster tools [3] to create and customize clients’ websites – for free. There are an array of features offered to clients for their websites:

For more information, please click here [4].

At this point, some of you might be wondering “Why free? What is the catch?”. Copied right off RationalWorks.net FAQs [5] page:

Q: Why is this free?
A: If it was not would you be here? You are important to us. If getting you here means being a free service – then so be it.

Q: Do you make any money off of this?
A: As of right now, no. Please donate to keep us alive – click here (coming soon!).

Q: So if you make no money, why do you do this?
A: Well for one, we enjoy making websites. Yes, we are geeks (but we refuse to be called nerds). Secondly, the experience is a resume padder and it will help us in future jobs and/or job applications.

If you have any questions, doubts, or you just think this is a stupid service, feel free to either leave a comment here, or fill out the contact form [6] located at the contact us [6] page at RationalWorks.net. InshAllah RationalWorks.net will address your concern/issue in a professional and timely manner.