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How to troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox crash [Tip]

[1]All of us have experienced it at least once. We’re happily browsing the internet or doing research or whatever, and suddenly your browser freezes up and stops your day dead in its tracks. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, here is how to troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox browser if it crashes, hangs, or stops functioning.


Browsing the internet has become an integral part of our daily life, whether we are at home or at the office working or checking news and happenings on the go. We access the internet through browsers that lets us access, download and process information from the world wide web aka the internet. Some examples of browsers are Google Chrome, Opera, Opera mini, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

To Troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Mozilla Firefox and it crashes on you then here are some of the measures you can take to troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox to get up and running again:


We have briefly learned how to troubleshoot a Mozilla Firefox crash so that we can find out where the issue that caused it to crash originated. Checking the add-ons, extensions, hardware acceleration feature, malware and outdated software can help in the process to troubleshoot a Mozilla Firefox crash.