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Skype offers video calling over 3G and WiFi on iPhone 4/3GS and iPod Touch 4G

Seeing as the iPhone 4 was one of the the first phones in the United States to offer a front-facing camera and video calling, FaceTime was (is?) a much hyped service. The only problem with FaceTime is that it only works over WiFi. (Unless of course you jailbreak [1] your iPhone 4 and download My3G [$3.99] from Cydia.) Well our friends from Luxembourg will have none of that: Skype now officially allows video calling on iPhone 4/3GS and iPod Touch 4G over WiFi and 3G. (iPhone 3GS, obviously, will only be able to use the rear-end camera since it doesn’t have a front-facing camera.) iDevice users will be able to use this video calling feature amongst themselves and with Skype’s Windows, Mac, Linux, and ASUS Videophone users.

It should be noted, though, according to Skype’s website “a small connection fee [2] applies” when using video calling:


I find this to be a little odd because I always thought Skype-to-Skype calls – even video calls – are free; and the advert clearly states “free video…”. I don’t have an iDevice so I can’t double-check about this connection fee; just thought I should warn everyone before they start making video calls and find their Skype credit going down the drain.

Now, when will our European friends release video calling on Skype for Android (and enable calling over 3G in the USA for non-Verizon subscribers)? My Nexus S is itching to show-up an iPhone 4.

Skype for iOS [4]

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