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[CC] Power Scheme Switcher for Win 7

Do you use more than one power plan?  I normally use Power Saver, knowing that the computer will switch off the monitor, then the hard disk, then go to sleep and eventually go into hibernation if I get called away or distracted.

However, when carrying out computer intensive activities, i.e. video rendering, disk imaging – anytime I don’t want the computer to shutdown,  I use High Performance.

Up to recently, to change the power plan required me to open the Control Panel, then Power Options, and then select the required plan.  Now I have found a free gadget which the Developer claims:

– Shows the active power plan with an icon and a tool tip in the system try

– Right click the icon to get the list of available plans and change it

– Lists all plans even the user defined ones

– Always updates status even when the plan is changed externally

– The list is always updated with latest additions/removals

– Automatic management of power scheme depending on the power line AC/battery

– Set a plan when Battery Life % is less than a value

The application is only for Win 7 and is in beta, but I have used it fairly intensively for the last 5 weeks with absolutely no problems.

I can only strongly recommend it.  It can be found at:

http://powerschemeswitcher.codeplex.com/ [1]

Note: It needs no registration and there is no hint of a donation request.  The guy has produced a neat little program and deserves support.  Go have look!

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