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[Android] Best free application locker

While we tend to keep our phones to ourselves (at least, I do), there are times when we are forced to lend our devices to others. Our smartphones are precious; many times we just don’t want anyone and everyone snooping around, regardless of if we have something to hide or not. This is where application locking¬† comes into play. By locking applications – using an app locker or app protector – no one can access the locked apps without authentication (typically a four digit password) and thus no one can mess around in your phone where you don’t want them to be.

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Best Free Application Locker

App Name: Application Protection [4] [5]

Developer: ruimaninfo

Download Size: 558 KB

Version Reviewed: v2.2.37

Requires: Android 1.6 and up




Application Protection is a dead-simple, non-battery draining app for locking applications. It allows users to lock any and all apps, including any apps users download themselves (including Application Protection itself) and apps that came with the phone (such as the SMS app). It even allows users to protect the Android package installer, making it impossible for anyone to install/uninstall applications without authentication.

The one thing I like about Application Protection is its flexibility. It allows users to select the method of authentication (four digit password or custom pattern), allows users to select when to lock apps, and provides a way for users to be e-mailed their four digit password in case they forget it. That said, though, I would like to make two comments:

In the end, even with the two above mentioned caveats, I find Application Protection to be the best free application locker on the market. The fact that it has minimal effect on battery is just icing on the cake.