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This is Windows 8

[1]A few weeks back, I was surfing the web and came across a website. I no longer remember the specific details of what that website was, but I remember there was a slider on the website. To work that slider I continually tried to slide it by using a touch gesture (swiping left) with my mouse even though I was on a traditional non-touch Windows 7 PC. I didn’t realize my mistake until a few seconds later when it dawned on me: I wasn’t on my touchscreen phone, I was on my PC – I had to click the right/left arrows. Then it hit me hard: Wow this sucks, not being able to use touch gestures. Apparently Microsoft agrees with me; they just revealed details about Windows 8 and guess what? It is optimized for touch.

As we know already, Windows 8 will be ARM-based [2] as opposed to the traditional x64 architecture. Now we have more details about specifically how Windows 8 will look, feel, and behave:

There are no details about the launch date or pricing, but there is a juicy video that we can all drool or rage at (depending on which side of the line you sit at):

The “post-PC” era has arrived? Reflect in the comments section below!

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