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[Android] Power Puddle allows you to monitor battery life via a live wallpaper

[1] Since their introduction, live wallpapers have been used creatively for many different purposes. Power Puddle is one such live wallpaper.

To put it simply – and the app itself is very simple – Power Puddle allows users to monitor device battery life via a live wallpaper. There is an Android (are those green guys called Androids?) in the background that melts as you use up battery life; the more melted the Android is, the less battery life you have left:


It is as simple as that. Well, almost. There are two customizations users can make to Power Puddle:

Both settings are modified via Settings, which you access after you have selected Puddle Power to apply as your live wallpaper (i.e. long tap on your homescreen -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> select Puddle Power and then you should see a Settings button which you can visit before you set Puddle Power as your wallpaper):


Power Puddle itself is a very simple app, which goes well in its favor because the more complex a live wallpaper is the more battery it will drain. However, there are two changes I would like to see made:

Power Puddle is a free app and can be accessed from the link or QR code below:

[4]Version reviewed: v2.0.2

Supported OS: Android 2.1 and up

Download size: 9.9 MB

Price: Free

Power Puddle [Android Market] [5]