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Free BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate! [Limited time offer]

[1]Software Description

The following is a description of BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate, as per the developer:

Backup any DVD to hard drive as ISO, DVD folder or burn to a DVD disc in several minutes with GPU accelerating technology.

Create Your Own Perfect DVD Backups of Raw Content with Ease

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate is the up-to-the-minute DVD clone software with powerful functions. Unique Sector-to-Sector copying technology and GPU accelerating technology guarantee a perfect combination of a genuine and fast DVD clone. Unparalleled unlocking technology allows it to access all known DVD copy protections. All these features help you to backup any DVD on hard drive, or copy DVD to DVD disc with perfect quality as the original one within just minutes!

Remove All Known DVD Protections Remove All Known DVD Protections

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate shows breakthrough performance to backup homemade and commercial DVDs with CSS, CPRM, CPPM, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, SONY ARccOS, Rip-Guard, Disney X-DRM protection etc. Besides, continuous update allows it has the ability to clone any DVDs released in the future, which will really make it easy to backup DVDs.
Clone Entire DVD to Blank DVD Clone Entire DVD to Blank DVD

Every single piece of DVD can be cloned into a perfect 1:1 copy with exactly the same high quality video and surrounding audio as the original one. There will be no quality loss at all! What’s more exciting, embedded unique GPU accelerating technology will help finish an entire DVD cloning work within just minutes to save your time and energy.

Backup Full Content of DVD to Hard Drive or USB Backup Full Content of DVD to Hard Drive or USB

It empowers you to backup either full DVD-9 or DVD-5 movie as ISO image or DVD folder on hard drive or USB. Besides, It also enables you to copy DVD to a MPEG2 file and to preserve the same high-quality video and surrounding audio as the original DVD at meantime. You can easily manage your DVD collections in future after backup DVD in either way above.

Backup DVD Main Movie to Save More Space Backup DVD Main Movie to Save More Space

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate enables you to extract main title or any chapters from DVD to single MPEG2 files, which will help you save storage space to backup DVD on your hard drive and watch your favorite parts directly. Every video and audio content can be extracted from DVD for your further personalized processing.

Burn to Blank DVD in an Easy and Fast Way Burn to Blank DVD in an Easy and Fast Way

You will take no effort to burn DVDs by using this all-in-one DVD clone software. Simple steps will lead you to burn either ISO file or DVD folder to blank DVD or re-writable DVD, either VOB or MPEG file to DVD disc. Advanced burning technology will help you achieve this in a smooth and stable way.

Flexible Virtual DVD Drive Simplifies Your Work Flexible Virtual DVD Drive Simplifies Your Work

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate provides built-in virtual DVD drive that allows you to load and unload any ISO image file unlimitedly, and makes it possible for you to play them conveniently. Supporting ISO image file as system discs is another advantage over other peer products. coming soon.

High Compatibility and Good Stability Light Your Everyday Life High Compatibility and Good Stability Light Your Everyday Life

Being able to run on all Windows operating systems gives more choices to achieve your goals successfully. On the other hand, good stability helps to overcome possible difficulties like scratches and finger prints on your discs. You will be amazed by how well it can work!

The following is the list of DVDs/input formats and output formats supported by BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate, as per the developer:

Supported DVD Copy Protection:

  • Regular DVD (homemade DVD).
  • Commercial DVD CSS encryption.
  • DVD Region Code Enhanced (RCE).
  • User operation prohibition (UOP).
  • Sony ARccOS DVD protection.
  • Disney New DVD Copy Protection – Disney X-DRM.
  • The Analog Protection System (APS).

Input DVD/File Formats:

  • ISO Image File, DVD Folder
  • VOB, MPEG2 file

Output DVD/File Formats:

Blank Writeable DVD Disc:

  • DVD-/+R (DL), DVD-/+RW, DVD RAM

Media Stored on Hard Drive:

  • ISO image, DVD folder, MPEG-2 file


  • DVD Video/Audio/Subtitle tracks only

dotTech Advice

It may be hard to believe but I only own one DVD; and I bought that DVD one or two years specifically for being able to test software before I post about them on dotTech. (It’s Jurassic Park 4, if anyone is wondering.) The unfortunate part is I cannot find the bloody DVD at the moment; I must have put it somewhere deep inside the jungle I call my bedroom. That means I couldn’t explicitly test out BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate to see if it is quality soft or not. However, that doesn’t mean I have no advice to give. (Dang, I love hearing myself talk.)

Although I have not (yet) found explicit proof of this, it looks like LotSoft – the developer of BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate – is either the same company as, a division/part of, or a reseller of Digiarty Software, the developer known for the famous WinX [2]branded products. Looking at the interface of BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate, I cannot match exactly which WinX product it is, but I am 99% sure the underlying technology is the same as the one employed in WinX ripper software(s). Seeing as we already know Digiarty Software makes great DVD rippers, by association it means BDlot DVD Clone is probably a top quality too.

That said, looking over the program and the features list, BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate is intended for users that want to make 1:1 backups of their DVD. In other words, if you are looking to rip your DVD into, say, AVI format and store it/watch it on your computer that doesn’t have a DVD tray, then BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate is not for you. However, if you are looking to, say, backup Jurassic Park 4 without any loss of quality (e.g. so you can either watch it on your computer without having to put the DVD disc in the tray drive or if you want to burn it on another DVD disc to ensure you have a backup if the original breaks) then BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate is for you.

Disclaimer: Please only use BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate for legal purposes, as defined by the laws of your country/region. Ashraf and dotTech are not responsible for any illegal activity you conduct.

Freebie Details

LotSoft gave out 10,000 licenses of BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate as part of their Thanksgiving promotion [3]. However, I got an e-mail from LotSoft on Monday proclaiming the promotion has been extended “for another week” (until December 5). It is unclear if they are still offering only a limited number of licenses (the e-mail made it sound like over 10,000 people participated in the Thanksgiving giveaway but they seem to have extended it even though the original limit was reached) or if this is an unlimited giveaway until December 5. Whatever the case may be, I can confirm it is still working at the time of this writing; so grab this while you still can if you want it. There is no information if you will be allowed to install/reinstall it at a later date.

To get BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate for free, do the following:

Version being given out for free: v3.1.0

Free updates and technical support: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7

Download size: 13.1 MB



Take note that it looks like the program has a small bug. When you first run BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate and the registration window pops up, the splash screen covers it (which is why you see in the above screen what appears to be a part of another window on the right hand side). Don’t worry about this. Simply drag the registration window fat enough away from the splash screen to allow you to paste in the license code and click Activate. Once you have clicked Activate, hit Enter on your keyboard. (You are hitting Enter because the confirmation window that tells you that you have successfully registered is hidden behind the splash screen.) If you have done it probably the registration and splash screen will go away and you will own a fully registered BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate.

If you have trouble getting BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate for free, post below and I will try to help.

Thanks to everyone that informed me about this giveaway and posted on the forums.