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[Android] Guerrilla Bob is available for free via GetJar Gold


In the recent past we have seen quite a free attractive apps being given away by Amazon via its Free App of the Day program [2]. In all the Amazonian glamor, GetJar Gold may be a distant memory to some; well fear not my fellow fandroids: GetJar Gold is not dead but in fact living life to the fullest. Since the last time [3] dotTech posted about a GetJar Gold freebie [4], GetJar has added quite a few apps to their GetJar Gold collection. The latest of which is Guerrilla Bob, an exciting third-person shooter originally written for iOS and ported to Android:


When Guerrila Bob first debuted on Android, it was a major hit. It has since then faded into semi-oblivion due to the developer not updating the game often and the lack of new content, despite the developer promising regular updates and new content. If I had paid $2.99 for Guerrila Bob, I would be pissed. However, as a freebie, Guerrila Bob is still a very fun game. The campaign mode is fairly short (read: lack of new content) but Guerrila Bob supports multiplayer over WiFi (cross-platform multiplayer, i.e. Android devices can connect with iOS devices, Macs, and/or PCs) so you can fire up that phone and play with friends while you take a break from the 5-man-Onyixia LAN party.

You can grab Guerrilla Bob from the GetJar Gold section of your GetJar app (if you have it installed already) or hit up the link below on your mobile phone to download the GetJar app and then Guerrilla Bob (you will be prompted to download the GetJar app when you try to download Guerrilla Bob from the website):

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