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Get 25 GB of cloud storage from Minus for free! [Limited time offer]

[1]Still haven’t decided upon your cloud storage service of choice? Well then, here is another promotion to try to win you over. For a limited time Minus, cleverly residing at Minus.com, is offering new users 25 GB of free cloud storage. Minus regularly offers new users 10 GB of free cloud storage so this promotion is essentially getting you an extra 15 gigs without paying a cent.

Minus is a very popular service (albeit not as popular as the big dogs like Dropbox) so you may have heard of it before. If you haven’t, let me explain what makes Minus is — because it isn’t just your average cloud storage service.

You see Minus allows users to storage data/files on their servers, yes. However, the focus of Minus isn’t storage but rather sharing. The idea behind Minus is uploading your files to your Minus account, then sharing those files with others via Minus Galleries. Minus Galleries are basically traditional image galleries except they can contain more than images. Any file you upload onto Minus (Minus supports all file types) can be featured in a Minus Gallery. Once a file has been added to a gallery, it can be viewed/downloaded by others. Individual galleries can have up to 200 items and users can create as many galleries as you want. Each gallery is marked as public or private by the user creating it, so if there is an element of privacy. However, if you aren’t into the whole sharing scene, then Minus is not for you simply because even private galleries can be accessed by anyone.

You see with Minus Galleries, “public” means the gallery is published on Minus.com’s main repository (it can be found by searching their website), is shown on your profile, and shown to your followers. “Private” galleries, on the other hand, are not published on Minus.com’s main repository (it cannot be found by searching their website), are not shown on your profile, and are not shown to your followers. Only people that have a direct link to a private gallery can access it. That means that anyone with a link can access it — there are no authentication controls to prevent unauthorized access. So, essentially, when you upload to Minus your files are accessible by the whole world because even private gallery links can fall into unintended hands. The only difference between public and private is with a public gallery anyone can easily find your gallery; with a private gallery people need a direct link to access your gallery.

So, now that you know how Minus works (remember it is intended for sharing not storage), here are a few more technical details (see Minus’ Help page to learn more):

That all being said, if you are just dying to use Minus, do the following to get the free 25 GBs:

Note: This is a limited time offer. However, there are no details on when it will expire.



If you have an AppSumo account from before, skip to the next step.






Click on the link or copy + paste it in your browser.


¬†Take note you are picking a new username and a new password for your Minus account — these need not be the same ones from AppSumo.

If you have trouble getting 25 GB of free cloud storage space from Minus, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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