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[Android] GetJar Gold now offers over 100 paid apps for free

[1]I wrote about GetJar Gold [2] a while back. Since then I have been posting individual articles on some GetJar Gold freebies [3] which I thought were noteworthy. Recently GetJar Gold passed the 100 mark in the number of paid apps it offers for free. To save you the time of looking through all of GetJar Gold to find an app that interests you, I have typed up a list of all the apps offered via GetJar Gold as of December 28, 2011; and I have alphabetized the list and categorized the list into Games [4] and Not Games [5].

The following are all the paid apps available for free from GetJar Gold as of December 28, 2011; you can either read through this whole list or search for specific apps by pressing Ctrl + F on your keyboard:


Not Games

All of the above apps can be had from the GetJar Gold section of your GetJar app. Instead of trying to look through the whole GetJar Gold section for the specific apps you want, I suggest using the search box in the top-right corner of the GetJar app — it will be quicker that way. If you don’t have the GetJar app, you must download [6] it and install it on your Android device before you can get any GetJar Gold apps for free. (You must sideload the GetJar app.)


Feel free to share what GetJar Gold apps you think are the best in the comments [7] below.

Thanks Chad Tunis for the inspiration behind this article.