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Free 1 year licenses of JetClean PRO! [48-hours only]

Software Description

The following is a description of JetClean PRO, as per the developer:

dotTech Advice

I don’t have time to take even a quick glance at this software; and I won’t have time until the weekend, by which time this giveaway will be over. As such I don’t have advice on JetClean PRO. However, I figured I should post about this even though I can’t provide any advice on this product.

dotTechies can make up for my lack of guidance and help each other by reflecting on the quality of this giveaway in the comments [1] below.

Freebie Details

Related to with what I mention in dotTech Advice, I have no time to blog during the weekdays currently. As such, I did not test this freebie; I don’t know what version is being given out, if you can install at a later date, etc. All I know is this giveaway is 48-hours long; it started on Jan 18 12 AM (no time zone specified) and as such will end Jan 20 12 AM (no time zone specified).

To grab this giveaway, visit the promotion page [2] to get started (you have to enter your e-mail address).


[Thanks PC basics [3]!]