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Dropquest 2012: Get an extra gigabyte of Dropbox space for free! [Ends June 2!]

[1]Everyone knows and loves Dropbox [2], the free file backup and synchronization service. However, its free plan, which gives you only 2GB of free space, can be a bit small at times, and so they occasionally offer ways to get more space for free. For instance, there’s the introductory welcome-to-Dropbox tutorial, which can give you 1GB [3], there’s invitations, and more.

However, there’s also Dropquest [4]: a once-a-year giveaway that they only leave for a limited time which gives everyone 1GB of free space. Alongside the free gigabyte, those who complete the quest quicker various prizes:

1st place (1) Dropbox employee hoodie, LIMITED EDITION Dropbox Hack Week t-shirt, Dropbox drawing signed by the entire Dropbox team, invitation to help write the next Dropquest, 100 GB for life
2nd place (10) Dropbox employee hoodie, Dropbox t-shirt, 20 GB for life
3rd place (15) Dropbox t-shirt, 5 GB for life
4th place (50) 2 GB for life
5th place (100) 1 GB for life

Unfortunately, these prizes are all already given away. However, for the rest of us, there’s a gigabyte of free space on the table, so get cracking: it’s a tough scavenger hunt, and it’s going to definitely take you some time to complete. (Unless you cheat like me. [5])

Now, if you don’t want to cheat, be sure to remember that there’s a time limit on this giveaway: last year’s lasted about two weeks, and this year’s will probably last around the same time. Get started now!

Dropbox 2012 starting page