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iOS apps of the day [June 2, 2012]

Today’s Apps

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About iOS Apps of the Day

iOS has over 600,000 apps. With so many apps out there, app discovery (aka finding new and useful apps) is extremely difficult. With our iOS Apps of the Day [6] initiative, dotTech aims to change that. Everyday we post three apps, allowing our readers to discover new apps, daily. Enjoy! [Subscribe to our iOS section to never miss an article: RSS Feed [4] | E-mail [5]]

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Apps for June 2, 2012

GoodWallet Plus

[9]GoodWallet Plus stores all of your private information securely within the app. First of all you have to set a password to open the app. After that is done you can create whatever you want from all the different categories provided like email passwords, web site credentials, bank account information, credit cards, social networks, computers, combination locks, online accounts and even ID cards. This app will synchronize and backup your data using Apple’s iCloud, and all of your data is encrypted twice so no one can access your information in case you lose your device.

Just in case you have the app open for a long time, it will automatically lock the app after 3 minutes of inactivity, and it also locks up if you close the app too so you need the password you created handy. You can change the password to something else if you think your current password is compromised which you will need your old password to create the new. If you totally lost your password all together, you might be deleting the app and restoring it so you can start over again. This app wasn’t tested that way to restore your use of the app so it is unclear if it will work.

Also you will note a review stating that the app crashed right off, but that didn’t happen with the test device. There might be a possibility that it could crash on you if you have a more updated device since the iOS minimum is rather low.

Price: $1.99 [10]

Version discovered: 1.8

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 3.2 and up

Download size: 0.4 MB

GoodWallet Plus on iTunes [11]

Multi Edit – Contacts Manager

[12]Multi Edit – Contacts Manager will fix your address book in the event it becomes very unmanageable. If you have multiple entries of one person, this app will merge all into one entry saving you time from finding the correct information you want. This sometimes happen if some Facebook information is brought into your address book, and you might have one person’s phone number listed in a separate entry. You might even have duplicate email or telephone entries, and this app will remove the duplicates cleaning up the clutter out of that address book.

You can also group your entries in one location so you can find them quicker like co-workers or even family members. You need to create them by selecting the contacts and then pressing the floppy disk to save the group. With groups or if you select certain people in the contact list, you can send a group email or text message. You can remove a group of contacts in one click, and edit a group of contacts simultaneously. With this app you can find entries that are missing names, phone numbers and email addresses. You can also find entries that have the same birthday, company name, company title, and even an email domain. This app integrates with your address book, text message app, and especially your email app. Also you won’t forget a birthday again since this will alert you when it is someone’s birthday.

Price: $1.99 [13]

Version discovered: 3.0.1

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 4.0 and up

Download size: 4.2 MB

Multi Edit – Contacts Manager on iTunes [14]


[15]Naught is a game that you decide how to play it. You can rotate the device 360 degrees to make the scene change drastically by turning it around while changing the world’s gravity. The possibilities playing this game is endless, and will keep you entertained. You have a choice of controls to either use the touch and drag motion or the analog controls. You will notice that the app crashes.  It is unclear if this crashes with older systems or all systems. The test device did run the app briefly, but ever since the test it crashes and never runs.

Price: Free [16]

Version discovered: 1.1.0

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 3.2 and up

Download size: 31.6 MB

Naught on iTunes [17]

dotTechies: We have tested all the apps listed above. However, iOS Apps of the Day articles are not intended as “reviews” but rather as “heads-up” to help you discover new apps. Always use your best judgement when downloading apps, such as trying trial/free versions before purchasing paid apps, if applicable.