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Get 5 domains + private registration for cheaper than 1 domain + private registration (includes free hosting and email).

NOTE: Officially GoDaddy.com [1] states that “domains with bulk pricing do not qualify for additional promotional discounts” and coupons are “not applicable to bulk domain purchases or discounted domain products” but I have done this before once and it has worked perfectly. But try at your own risk.

First let me explain what private registration is. For every domain name, anyone can go to websites like whois.net [2], type in a domain name, and get information about who owns the domain name (name, address, phone number, etc.). However, if you own a domain name, and you want to keep that information private, you can purchase what is known as “private registration”. This enables it so if someone does a whois on your domain name, your personal information will not be displayed.

For example, if you do a whois on politicallymotivated.net you will see “Domains by Proxy” instead of my name, address, phone number, etc. “Domains by Proxy” is GoDaddy’s private registration service (I enjoy my privacy =D).

Usually you have to pay extra for this private registration, but some registrars do provide it for free – such as 1and1.com. However, with 1and1.com domains usually cost $6 or more ($6 only if they are on sale) for the first year. Like right now you can get a .COM with free private registration for the first year for $6.49. GoDaddy.com, a registrar that does not provide free private registration, offers coupons now and then for cheap domain registrations such as the 1 year domain registration for $0.99 that I mentioned in my recent post [3]. GoDaddy.com is also one of the most reliable domain name registrars.

So here is the deal. If you register 5 or more domains at once with GoDaddy.com they will provide you with free private registration for each of those domains for the first year. If you buy 4 .INFO and 1 .COM/.NET/.ORG/etc. via the LOVE99 deal [3], you will come out with a grand total of $5.95 for the first year. This $5.95 include the 5 domains, free private registration, free limited hosting, free email and other goodies. If you were to just register just one .COM/.NET/.ORG/etc. via the LOVE99 deal [3] and buy private registration, it would cost you $1.19 + $6.99 for the first year. I don’t know about you, but 5 domains is better then 1 domain, especially if it is cheaper. Therefore, if you plan on buying private registration, go this path for the first year. However keep two things in mind:

If you are still interested in this deal, first read up on how to attain a .COM/.NET/.ORG/etc. for $0.99 from here [3]. Then go to GoDaddy.com [4]. Then go to Domains -> Bulk Registration. Type in 5 domains that you want (remember 4 must be .INFO domains). At your cart enter LOVE99 in the coupon basket. Be sure to check “Add Private Registration for FREE” for each domain. Confirm that your total is $5.95. Check out and enjoy.

Remember that each domain comes with free goodies such as limited free hosting and email!



Even if don’t use the LOVE99 deal to get a .COM/.NET/.ORG/etc. for $0.99 for the first year (meaning you pay the normal price), it will still be cheaper to get 5 domains + private registration via bulk registration as opposed to 1 domain + private registration.