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Wake up your computer from standby or hibernation, perform an action, and send it back. Automatically.

Being able to automatically make my computer come out of stand by has always been a novelty idea for me. Being able to make it come out of stand by and hibernation is like heaven. Being able to do tasks and send it back to standby or hibernation is like heaven 2.0. Not sure how practical being able to do all this is, but it sure is fancy. If you also want to ascend from the levels Have-Nots and enter the realm of the Privileged keep reading.

Today’s tips ‘n tricks post involves an interesting piece of freeware 1s and 0s (aka software) that goes by the name of WakeUpFromStandby:

2009-02-21_190356 [1]

WakeupFromStandby is feature filled and it works. Only step #1 is required if you want to use this software – steps #2-4 are optional. Here are the full list of features as per the developer:

WakeupFromStandby supports Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista. You need ACPI running in order to use WakeupFromStandby. If you are in XP/Vista (I don’t know about 98/ME/2000), unless you specifically turned off ACPI, ACPI is on by default, so don’t worry about that. The best part about WakeupFromStandby is that it is a standalone application – no installation needed.

As I alluded to above, I tested this software on Vista Home Premium 32-bit and it works perfectly. However, there are two concerns I have with this software:

If you are still interested in getting WakeupFromStandby, you can get it from the developer’s website [2] or directly download it by clicking here [3].