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Free jv16 PowerTools 2009 (for a limited time)! Update: This offer has ended.

Update: This offer has ended =(

First what is jv16 PowerTools? A pretty good computer tuneup program (similar to how TuneUp Utilities 2007 [1] or WinOptimizer 5 [2] are tuneup utilities). Simple as that.

Here are all the tools this program has:

According to the developer, this is what jv16 PowerTools can do:

Still interested? Well getting this program for free is not as simple as the other offers I have posted about:

1. Download the developer’s ad in either PDF [3], JPG [4] or in PNG [5] format.

2. Print the ad to an A4 sized paper (in other words, the normal size white paper you put in your printer). You can use either a color printer or a black and white printer, but the quality of the print must be at least decent.

3. Attach the print to some visible and good location. For example, to your school’s or work place’s bulletin board.

4. Take a few clear photographs of it as proof and send them to the developer at print-campaign@macecraft.com [6]. And remember to mention your name and to which email address you wish the free license to be sent to.

5. Wait for your free license! The developer will verify all submissions within 24 hours of their arrival.

Of course there are ways to cheat…but the developer specifically mentions “We reserve the right to disqualify any participant if the rules or the spirit of the offer are violated.”

I have yet to do this myself, but this offer is listed right on the developer’s websit [7]e so it is legit:

2009-03-01_202853 [8]

Let me know how it goes for whoever tries to get the free license.

Of course I found this deal on Slickdeals…as always =D.