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PoliticallyMotivated.net has been replaced by dotTech.org!

Hello everyone,

Recall when you first visited PoliticallyMotivated.net and you thought “Oh god why did I come to a politics website?”. Then you noticed that PMnet had nothing to do with politics at all – at that point you must of been thinking “Ashraf is a moron”.

Well as I have said PoliticallyMotivated.net was never intended as a politics blog; rather the domain was supposed to be a joke for a personal blog. But ever since PMnet turned into a popular technology blog the name “PoliticallyMotivated.net” became less of a joke and more of a barrier. Thus I made the executive decision to change the website name from PoliticallyMotivated.net to dotTech.org. I find dotTech.org will be a more appropriate domain/website name for this blog – what do you think?

For some housekeeping if you will be so kind, please:


Note: You can still go to PoliticallyMotivated.net [1] to access this blog – you will just be forwarded here.

P.S. New host…new domain – it costs money! While dotTech.org/PoliticallyMotivated.net will always be a free service inshAllah, any sort of donation [2] to off set the costs associated with this blog is greatly appreciated. Even a dollar helps! However if you don’t want to/cannot donate, there is no pressure what so ever so don’t feel bad if you don’t.