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Developer response + fix for Driver Magician issue.

A few hours ago I posted about the questionable methods [1] of the developer of Driver Magician. Recall I mentioned that I was in contact with the developer and was waiting to see what his/her response would be. I have since received an email response from him/her. While I won’t post exactly what the mail said, I can tell you in the developer’s eyes the whole must-enter-registration-to-use-auto-setup is not a trick at all. However after a little bit of jocking around the developer has recognized the issue and informed me that he/she may “consider” a fix it in “future versions”. Of course to most of us this statement is worth little to nothing but just thought I should get it out there.

So the developer is of no help to us (right now). I promised that I would show you guys a way to attain the registration name and code if the developer provided no solution. Well don’t worry – I plan on keeping that promise.

Disclaimer: Officially GOTD TOS says that you may not install software attained via GOTD past the initial download day. While you may now have the registration information for this software you are still obliged to follow these rules. I am only showing you how to attain the registration code so you can use the software as fully described by the developer. By following the below method you agree to my stipulation that you will not share the registration code with anyone or assit them them to install DM past the GOTD day.

Warning: Be very careful of what you do with regedit. One wrong move and you can trash your whole computer. Just follow my directions and you should be good.

2009-03-07_094414 [2]

2009-03-07_094729 [3]

2009-03-07_094743 [4]

2009-03-07_094801 [5]

2009-03-07_095226 [6]

The “serialnumber” is your registration code while the “username” is the registration name. Write these down and keep them safe. I have the serialnumber blurred out because this post is not about how to attain Driver Magician for free. It is about how to attain the registration code for Driver Magician after you have installed it on your computer from GOTD so you can use all the features. If you post below asking for the registration code for DM, chances are I will ban you (depends on my mood).

Okay so that is it. Please note that I will not be giving out registration codes. The method I have shown above is on how to find the registration code from your own computer. If you do not install Driver Magician in the time period defined by GOTD, tough luck; this post is not a “grab Driver Magician for free” post. This post is a post on a work around so GOTDers can make full use of Driver Magician as claimed by the developer.

Hope that helps.