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New Ashampoo ClipFinder version (HD v2.01) is out with new features and a new look; be sure to update/upgrade.

For those who don’t know what ClipFinder is please refer back to my original post [1] to read up on it.

Ever since I posted about [1] Ashampoo ClipFinder (v1.55) back in February, it has been one of the most visited Tips ‘n Tricks article. Well today Ashampoo just released a new version of ClipFinder: ClipFinder HD v2.01.

Here are the new features of ClipFinder HD v2.01:

Here is a demonstration video of ClipFinder HD v2.01 created by the developer:

There is one major drawback to the new ClipFinder HD: it is a huge computer resource hog. The following image shows the computer resource usage of ClipFinder v1.55 and ClipFinder HD v2.01 (both are idle w/ no video search performed):

clipfinder-vs-clipfinderhd [2]

As you can see, ClipFinder HD uses more than 4x the amount of RAM and a hell lot more CPU. This enormous resource usage is mainly due to the new 3D wall of ClipFinder HD. However there is no need to panic; you can easily turn off the 3D wall. To turn off the 3D wall simply go to “Settings” and select “Black Basic” or “Red Basic” from under “Skins”. You can always revert back to the 3D wall by going to “Settings” -> “Skins” again. Keep in mind that if you change the skin to “Black Basic” or “Red Basic” you will lose some of the new features of HD v2.01, other than the 3D wall, such as the HD video filter and watching videos in full screen. However you will still have Vimeo.com support in “Black Basic” and “Red Basic”. Once you turn off the 3D wall computer resource usage reverts back to similar levels as ClipFinder v1.55:

clipfinder-vs-clipfinderhd-2 [3]

True ClipFinder HD still uses ~2 MB more RAM but that is acceptable considering an extra feature, Vimeo.com support, was added to the program.

Unfortunately you can’t update/upgrade directly from ClipFinder v1.55 (at the time of this posting – this way be changed in the future). The reason being is that Ashampoo is treating ClipFinder HD as a whole new program: it installs in a new directory (by default) and it requires a new registration key (it is still free). To get ClipFinder HD do the following:

Thanks to Lee from GOTD for bringing this ClipFinder update to my attention.