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Free PC Tools Privacy Guardian!

Remember East-Tec Eraser 2008 [1]? Come on you did not forget already – it has only been …*counts on his fingers*… ten days since dotTech readers were rewarded [1] with East-Tec Erase 2008 as a freebie. Well PC Tools Privacy Guardian is a very similar program to East-Tec Eraser.

Wth Privacy Guardian you can:

*Privacy Guardian supports all major browsers and a bunch of third party applications (50+).

Privacy Guardian uses “Pseudorandom” , US DoD 5220.22-M, and Gutmann secure deletion algorithms/methods. More detailed information on Privacy Guardian is available at the developers website [2].

If you already have East-Tec Eraser I suggest sticking with it (because East-Tec Eraser is the superior program) and if you don’t have East-Tec Eraser I suggest getting it. However for those people, for whatever reason, do not want East-Tec Eraser, you can get Privacy Guardian by doing the following:

Usually I don’t post PC Tools freebie promotions because they are almost always magazine specific and not for the general public (I try not to post freebies that are not for the general public on my blog – “clean blog” policy so to speak) but I see no indication that this Privacy Guardian freebie is magazine specific.

…Seriously you should be using East-Tec Eraser 2008 [1] instead!

Thanks to Muaan [5] for informing me about this freebie.