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Welcome to the new server!

I feel like a little kid with a new toy. This is pretty awesome; I can feel the geek in me coming out already. To relate how I feel right now, think back when you first got a computer: the excitement; the nervous twitch; the clammy hands. Okay maybe not the clammy hands – clammy hands are only for the true geek. Now take that feeling you felt way back when and amplify it by a 1000. Bingo you got it.

Oh did I forget to mention what I am talking about? dotTech’s new server of course! With this new server, I will be able to do many things I was unable to on a shared account. For example, you may notice comment editing has been enabled (no need to thank me). The image lightbox is back. Soon forums will be up too (soon as I figure out which forums I want to use). Heck, I am even going to change the licensing on dotTech content. This is so cool.

Of course a dedicated server comes with a price tag: I am paying more than 10x more $$$ a month than what I was paying a week ago. Ya I know – sucks doesn’t it. If you feel generous and/or can afford to help mitigate the costs of this server, please feel free to donate to the cause [1]. If you can’t, then no problem at all. However please note that because of the increasing costs, I will be increasing advertisements (hopefully the extra ad revenue will help cover the costs). Until now I have kept my ads fairly unobtrusive; I know when I visit websites I hate it when ads are everywhere so I promise to keep the new ads as inconspicuous as possible also.