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Microsoft working on making Skype run natively in browsers (no program required)

[1]Microsoft has been continuously working on improving Skype; trying to keep it at the top position on the list of VoIP services; tweaking options behind the scenes.

Now, Microsoft seems to be in a stride to provide better, uniform access for users to the VoIP client across multiple platforms. Microsoft is getting ready to support one among the newest web standards, WebRTC:

WebRTC is a work-in-progress specification for real-time communications over the web. This means low-latency and preferably high-quality audio and video streams to one or more partners.

Skype using WebRTC would mean that it will be able to provide high quality audio and video communication simply through a web browser; no client, such as one that comes in the desktop program, required.As reported by GigaOm, Microsoft has posted job vacancies related to WebRTC.

Mozilla and Google are already in the process to provide support for the WebRTC standards in the coming future. And hence, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox would obviously support it. And, Microsoft posting job listings related to WebRTC might not only mean that its for Skype, but also for the Internet Explorer. Though many VoIP services already run via the browser, they usually run on Flash or other plugins which is not a part of the standard technology of the browser. Skype using WebRTC would be a game changer.

The final result, as it comes out successful, will enable a user to use the services of Skype without the need of any apps for their devices. We would just need a compatible web browser on our device(s) to use the services. Ironically, this plays right into Google’s hands — Chrome OS (the browser-based OS) anyone?