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Leaked iPhone 5 photos show larger screen, 20% thinner device

The Internet always seems to have Apple [1]-related rumors floating on the sidelines. The iPhone 5 is no exception. Prior to the release of iPhone 4S, may people anticipated Apple may release an iPhone with a larger screen. Unfortunately, the iPhone 4S came around and it had (has) the same traditional 3.5″ iPhone Retina display. The rumors of an iPhone with a larger screen have not died down, however. Most recent e-rumors point to an iPhone 5 with a larger 4 inch-ish screen. The additional screen real estate expectantly makes the device taller but interestingly enough leaked photos show the iPhone 5 to be 20% thinner versus the iPhone 4S. Check out the leaked photos for yourself:




The leaked photos are courtesy a UK based website KitGuru; they claim to have attained the photos from the “far East”. Cult of Mac notes the photos look to be of an iPhone 5 engineering sample which will be used to design protective cases for the device. Whatever the case may be, it is increasingly looking like the iPhone 5, which will likely be released in Fall 2012, will be larger and thinner than its predecessors.

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