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NetDrive: Unique way to access/manage FTP or WebDAVs

NetDrive is a small program developed by Solution Box, Inc.  It allows you to mount an FTP or WebDav server as a networked drive.  For instance, when you upload files to a web site (if you have one) then you can just open up the My Computer window and open up your site.  Then you can just drag-and-drop into the window the files to upload.

When you first open up NetDrive, it will show a screen like this:

2009-05-21_014004 [1]

You can enter your site details, like web address, Port, Server type (FTP or WebDav), if it should log into the account when it/your computer starts, and of course, what drive to mount it as.

2009-05-21_014058 [2]

Here I have my site mounted as the Like the Q: drive:

2009-05-21_014225 [3]

Here are a few things that may interest you about NetDrive:

2009-05-21_014329 [4]

2009-05-21_014512 [5]

2009-05-21_014817 [6]

2009-05-21_014950 [7]

Like NetDrive? You can get it from the following link:

***NetDrive System Requirements***

Click here to download NetDrive [8]

This article has been contributed to dotTech by Jean-Luc Picard from Mafia-Penguin.com [9].