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Microsoft is renaming Metro UI in Windows 8 to just ‘Windows 8’


Since it hit the airwaves, Microsoft has been touting its new ‘Metro UI’ for Windows 8 [2]. Microsoft still intends to keep this new user interface… but with a different name.

Last week an internal Microsoft [3] memo was leaked which said “discussions with an important European partner” forced Microsoft to “discontinue the use” of the name Metro in any Microsoft brands, including Windows 8. It isn’t entirely sure who the European partner is (some guess it is Metro AG, a German retailer) or why it took so long for them to speak up.

Now reports are emerging Microsoft has decided to rename Metro to simply ‘Windows 8’. All Metro references will now be changed to Windows 8: “Metro-style applications” is now “Windows 8 applications”, “Metro user interface” is now “Windows 8 user interface”, “Metro design” is now “Windows 8 design”, etc. As further proof, ZDNet points out that Lenovo’s new Windows 8 Thinkpad Tablet 2 talks about “desktop and Windows 8 apps” as opposed to “desktop and Metro apps”. Of course Microsoft hasn’t officially announced the change but if indeed the change is real, it is will be pretty evident through Microsoft’s advertisements and PR campaigns in the days to come.

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