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Images of app store for Firefox OS (Firefox Marketplace) are leaked, show a modern but minimalist design

[1]Formally known as Boot to Gecko, Firefox OS [2] is Mozilla’s attempt at creating a mobile operating system alternative to the likes of Android and iOS. Mozilla hopes to attract developers to Firefox OS by being built on HTML5, meaning developers can create an app for Firefox OS in HTML5 and have it work on all other mobile operating systems that support HTML5 (aka every other modern mobile platform). If developers flock to Firefox OS, Mozilla feels consumers will likely follow. Whether that is true or not we cannot say for sure seeing as Firefox OS has not even been released, but it is surely an interesting concept.

Since July users have been able to test Firefox OS on their computers [3]. However, Firefox Marketplace (Firefox OS’s official app store) has largely eluded everyone. Until now. Engadget has received leaked screenshots of Firefox Marketplace. The screenshots show a modern, clean design with a minimalist approach; sort of similar to how Android Marketplace [4] started before its was redesigned multiple times. Check it out for yourself:










If you really like the current Firefox Marketplace design, don’t set your heart on it. Firefox OS is still in development so the app store design may change by the time the platform is released. Still, though, the current design isn’t too bad although it does remind me a bit of iOS [14]. Hopefully Apple [15] doesn’t sue Mozilla into oblivion. Feel free to leave your thoughts on Firefox OS and its Marketplace in the comments [16] below.

[via Engadget [17]]