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Chinese firm copyrights leaked iPhone 5 design, will sue Apple once iPhone 5 is released


Remember the Goophone i5 [2]? You know, the Android-powered iPhone 5 [3] clone a Chinese company built based on iPhone 5 rumors. Yeah, well, as it turns out not only did the Chinese firm built a knock-off iPhone 5 before the real iPhone 5 hit the streets, but the firm has also now patented the leaked iPhone 5 design — or should I say the Goophone i5 design — in China. The best part? The company plans on suing Apple should they release a similar looking iPhone 5 in China.

I’m not well versed with Chinese patent and/or copyright law (heck I’m not well versed in any patent/copyright law…) so I’m not sure how valid Goophone’s claims against Apple [4] will be, if it indeed does sue Apple. Still, this is poetic justice at its best. Karma really is a bitch.

[via BGR [5] | Image via mRio [6]]