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Google Wallet to discontinue Google Prepaid Card


Google Wallet has started to inform their users that Google will end its prepaid card feature soon.

If you still have some balance on your prepaid card, don’t worry as Google is giving you more than one month to use it; while you cannot add more money to your prepaid card after September 17, the card itself won’t be discontinued until October 17 leaving you plenty of time to spend your cash. Even if you don’t find any reason to spend that money before October 17, don’t worry as you will get the chance to request a refund for any unused funds.

Note Google has changed it fee structure and will charge a $2.00 fine on any account that doesn’t use its fund within 30 days. That means if you plan on not using your Google Prepaid Card funds by October 17 and are waiting for a discount, you will lose at least $2.

The reason Google Prepaid Card ever came into existence is, in the past, Google Wallet didn’t support any other credit or debit card other than Mastercard. The change was expected as Google Wallet can be used now from any Android phone with a credit or debit card from a major vendor (Mastercard, Visa, etc.). The company said Google Wallet recently added support for all major US credit and debit cards so they are not willing to continue supporting Google Prepaid Card.

If you are a prepaid card user, don’t forget to take care of things before October 17. You can hit the source link below to know more details.

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