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Free Morpheus Photo Morpher (Lite edition)!

Morpheus Photo Morpher is a program that allows you to morph one picture into another. Morpheus Photo Morpher (Lite edition) was actually a giveaway by Giveaway of the Day back in January so instead of making this post a long winded one telling you what Morpheus Photo Morpher Lite can do, I am just going to direct you to read my full review [1] on it (click here [1]) for more information.

To give you a brief synopsis of what I think about this program: I find Morpheus Photo Morpher to be a good program. However the “Lite” edition, the version being given out today,  is way too crippled for my liking. However for people who still want to get this software, I figured it can’t hurt for me to post about it.

Morpheus Photo Morpher system requirements are as follows:

Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista
500MHz or faster
64M of RAM or more
800×600 pixels or higher

To get Morpheus Photo Morpher (Lite edition) follow my simple guide:

Before I go one last thing I would like to point out. During the installation of Morpheus Photo Morpher (the second installation) you will be prompted to install some undesirable third party applications:

2009-08-10_130256 [4]

2009-08-10_130318 [5]

Be sure to not accept them. Other wise enjoy making goofy transformations with Morpheus Photo Morpher Lite =)!

Special thanks  to Amnesia and Ahmagudguy for assisting with the discovery of this freebie!

***Extra Note***

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