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I challenge you to try to make Firefox use more RAM than my 1.4GB record


Since its inception, Firefox [2] has been notorious for excess RAM usage, often in the form of RAM leaks. While Mozilla claims to have fixed RAM issues in recent Firefox updates, and has done a fairly good job for the most part, it is still possible to see Firefox consuming a huge chunk of your RAM — especially if you keep the browser continually open for long periods of times and have a lot of tabs open.

I have recently gotten into the (bad) habit of not closing Firefox after a session due to not wanting to lose my research and open websites. (Yes, I know Firefox has the ability to restore sessions, natively and with add-ons [3].) Yesterday my computer was going extremely sluggish so I decided to take a look way. As it turns out, Firefox (v15.0.1) was consuming more than 1.4GB of memory — a massive amount, by anyone’s standards. (I probably had anywhere from 50-100 tabs open — I didn’t count.) The sad part is that isn’t even the highest I have seen it go. Prior to capturing the screenshot you see above, I actually hit over 1.5GB of Firefox RAM usage. However, I was about to start a League of Legends [4] session and my computer was literally grinding to a halt (almost 90-95% memory usage) so I couldn’t snap a screenshot.

Can you beat my record? Sound-off in the comments [5] below!