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iPhone 5 did not break Galaxy S III’s record for highest number of pre-orders, despite strong sales


While we don’t know exactly how many people pre-ordered the iPhone 5 [2], we do know Apple [3] sold over 5 million during the first weekend of release [4]. While 5 million units is a staggering number no matter which way you look at it, it does not break Galaxy S III’s record of 9 million pre-orders.

Of course it should be mentioned the Galaxy S III [5] had a longer wait time between announcement and release date (26 days) than the iPhone 5 (10 days). So we could say the comparison isn’t exactly fair. Plus, it took Samsung almost 60 days to sell another 1 million to reach their milestone of 10 million units sold in less than two months [6]; at this rate, iPhone 5 will pass the 10 million mark within a month especially if you consider the fact that 22 more countries will get the iPhone 5 on September 28. So this isn’t necessarily an indicator that the iPhone 5 will sell less than the Galaxy S III, although the iPhone 5 has a long way to go to catchup to Galaxy S III’s twenty million sold in less than one hundred days [7]. Still, this is something Fandroids will take because we have been waiting roughly five years to see one of our babies on the top of the sales chart.