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Google is the best spell checker around, use it when you cannot spell a word [Tip]

I am notoriously bad at spelling. I heavily depend on spell check when writing articles. Most of the times, the spell checker built into WordPress and Firefox work well enough. However, there are times that I have absolute no idea about how to spell a word, so I sound it out to try my best. These “sound outs” are so bad that often the spell checkers cannot provide a correct suggestion. And that is when I turn to Google.

Google [1], as I’m sure most of us agree, has one of the best search algorithms out there. Did you know that, in the process of trying to provide users with relevant search results, Google has developed what, in my opinion, is the best spell checker around. In fact, I find Google’s spell checking abilities to be far superior than that of spell checking tools found in programs like Microsoft Word. For example, when trying to find the proper spelling for “awkward”…





(For what it is worth, I know how to spell awkward… now.)

Of course this is only one example but I have run into the same situation time and time again, and Google always provides the correct recommendation. Now if only Google would release some sort of spell checker browser add-on…