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[iPhone] Never forget your milk again by using Shopping List

20121006-232842.jpg [1]I just love it when app names describe themselves. Shopping List is a new player in the reminders or todo apps team, amongst giants like Wunderlist [2], ToDo, Things, etc. But I think that this free app is worth looking at.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Is the super market on the way home? Does your wife keep sending you things to buy? Shopping List helps you remember them! You can add each item, its quantity, and its price to your list, making it very easy to not forget.




[3]The amazing user interface for this app is attractive & simple, yet gives a premium feel. The top-right has a plus button to add a list. You will tap this area only once, since the free app doesn’t allow more than one list. Bottom toolbar shows options for Feedback, Purchases, Currency settings, and Themes (themes are available in the $2.99 version only).

Once you create a list, you can add unlimited items to it. Each item consists of a Name, Description, Quantity, and Category. Once done, the number of items will show on the app as notifications. Other than the red numbers on the icon, there is no alert to remind us to stop at the market.

[4]Once you buy an item, you can just swipe right to mark it done, then swipe right again to delete it or swipe left to mark it not done. And as simple as that your shopping will be complete.

One neat feature is the built-in dictionary which saves commonly used items and predicts while typing later. This is extremely useful for people who buy the same things over and over, and makes it easier and quicker to create shopping lists.

Conclusion and download link

To conclude, shipping list is not a must have app at all. The inability to add more than one list is the single deal breaker for me. Besides, the paid upgrade is also required for iCloud sync, which further makes me close my eyes towards this app. Apps like this remind us why we like Wunderlist so much. Wunderlist is the best app for such uses as it packs much more features and functionality, without requiring paid upgrades.

Price: Free with two available upgrades, Pro ($0.99) and Pro+ ($2.99)

Version reviewed: 1.0

Requires iPod Touch 3G and up, iPhone 3GS and up, iPad (2x mode) with iOS 5.0 and up

Download size: 8.2 MB

Shopping List on Apple App Store [5]