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Get Windows 7 Professional for $16 or less (even for free)

So far ways to get Windows 7, official release version not Beta, for cheap have included the pre-order for $50/$100 (now expired) and the purchase of the 3 license Home Edition family pack [1] for $150. I am about to tell you about two more ways to get Windows 7 for extremely cheap (as little as $16) or even get it for free. However take note that these deals are YMMV deals; in other words not everyone will be able to take advantage of them.

The first deal is for students (graduate or undergraduate from anywhere in the world). Everyone knows MSDN/TechNet members were recently given access to Windows 7 RTM early and for free. Well via IEEE.org membership students are now able to take advantage of MSDNAA (the academic version of MSDN) which will also give access to Windows 7 for free. You simply need to sign up via IEEE.org [2], pay your membership fees (the fees [3] vary depending on where you live but for USA 1 year membership costs $32 but half an year costs $16), wait up to 8 days for your account to be setup, and download Windows 7 Professional (x86 and x64) from IEEE’s MSDNAA shop [4] for free. However take note of a couple of things:

The second deal is for IT professionals and developers in the USA only. Last year (I think it was last year anyway), Microsoft ran multiple Microsoft conventions across the country. Whoever visited these conventions got a copy of Windows Vista for free. Well for Windows 7 Microsoft plans to do the same thing:

2009-08-16_150942 [6]

I am not 100% sure but I believe Windows 7 Professional is given out.

These conventions will be held in the following USA cities at their designated dates:

2009-08-16_144305 [7]

To attend one of these conventions, simply sign up [8] via Microsoft’s event website. Now this is supposed to be for IT professionals and developers but I think anyone can get in as long as you sign up. Do note however you are asked for company name (that you work for) and similar information while signing up. Also keep in mind that Windows 7 will be given out at the end of the convention so you cannot just walk in, take Windows 7, and walk out.

Hope this helps some people get Windows 7. I can’t wait for my MSDNAA account to be setup so I can get mine =).