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[Windows] Normalize the volume of your MP3 files with QMP3Gain

[1]Downloading and storing sound files from various sources may result in differences in the volume of the individual files. One is often left fiddling with the volume control almost every time a an audio starts, either to reduce the volume or increase it. Instead of adjusting the volume with every song, simply normalize the sound level across all tracks using a free software like QMP3Gain.


Main Functionality

QMP3Gain is an open source software that allows you to normalize the sound across multiple MP3 files without suffering from any loss of quality.




[2]QMP3Gain is a fairly useful program that can help you normalize the volume of individual sound files or multiple ones, such as albums. The program makes use of the MP3Gain engine to conduct statistical analysis of the files, instead of boosting volume through peak normalization, thus preventing any loss of quality as there is no re-encoding done.

After installing QMP3Gain, add the files you want to manipulate to the program either through the File menu or by clicking the first button below the menu bar. Once you add the MP3s, specify the volume to be targeted during the process and either press the Track Gain button to adjust the volume of individual files or press Album Gain to adjust the volume of all the files added to the list.

Once the process is completed, you will be presented with the details of the analysis, such as the original volume of the file, the track gain (by how much has the volume increased or decreased), and information regarding audio clipping, which is the sound distortion that occurs when an amplifier is overstepped. There is no need to save the files as the modification is done to the original file itself.

There are also a number of options through which you can make changes to the program. From the Options menu you can specify whether you want the program to clip the audio files, turn a sound alert on and off, avoid Layer I or II check, and set Constant Gain for all the MP3s. Using the Constant Gain feature, you can specify by how much you want the program to adjust the volume of all the MP3s in the list.

Conclusion and Download Link

For those who get their MP3 songs from different sources, QMP3Gain is a very useful program to ensure that all of your tracks play on a similar volume. However, as the program is not compatible with audio formats other than MP3, it has a limited use and may not be able to work with your entire playlist.

Price: Free

Version Reviewed: v0.9.0

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Download Size: 11.4MB

VirusTotal Malware Scan Results: 1/43 [3]

Portability: Not portable, installation required

QMP3Gain download page [4]

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