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In this room it always rains but you never get wet [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Okay, today I have something to share with you that is mind boggling and interesting at the same time. The following are photographs of the Rain Room, an exhibit put together by Random International at the Curve gallery in the Barbican in London. In this room it always rains but people who walk through the room never get wet. Check it out:






It obviously isn’t possible to walk in the rain and not get wet — so how does the Rain Room accomplish this seemingly remarkable feat? By using 3D cameras.

There is a sophisticated system of 3D cameras installed in the Rain Room that tracks whomever enters the room and directs the computer system to drop rain close to — but away — from the people inside. So to the naked eye it looks like rain is falling everywhere but the rain is actually falling everywhere where someone isn’t standing. If that sounds cool on paper, I bet it is even better when you see it in person.

The Rain Room is open to the public [6] until March 3, 2013. If you plan on visiting, take note that there is an average two hour wait.

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