[Windows] Edit and organize your right-click context menu with Right Click Enhancer

Context menu, or the right click menu, is useful in improving the access to commonly used programs. It helps you to do things like launch programs faster, for example open up an image in image editor, such as Paint or Photoshop, or scan a file with your anti-virus program. However, as you install programs on your computer over a period of time, you will find that the context menu is cluttered with items for programs that you don’t use often. Right Click Enhancer helps you to organize your context menu by removing those items that you do not need, and even allows you to add new shortcuts.


Main Functionality

Right Click Enhancer is program that comes with a set of tools which allow you to remove items that you do not need from the context menu, add commonly used programs, or even add entire sub-menus to the context menu


  • Remove items from context menu that you do not use
  • Add items or shortcuts to commonly used programs
  • Cascading Menu Creator allows you to create cascading menus or sub menus to better organize the context menu
  • “God Mode” allows access to all of the Windows settings in one place
  • Allows you to encrypt or decrypt a file or folder to prevent others from accessing the file
  • Send To Manager allows you to create shortcuts to any folders on any drives, thus allowing you to copy files or folders with ease
  • Has a portable version


  • Requires .NET Framework 3.5


Right Click Enhancer is available in both installer and portable versions. Once you have downloaded your preferred option and installed/launched the program, you will be presented with a list of tools or functions that the program can perform. It also displays a helpful tool-tip beside each tool/function providing information as to what the buttons do.

The program offers four Productivity Tools and five editors with which you can edit the right click context menu. The tools and functions provided by the program include:

  • Right Click Tweaker: This allows you to add a number of tweaks to the right-click context menu with which you can perform common tasks such as encrypting a file or opening the administrator command prompt
  • My Computer Manager: Allows you to add shortcuts to files and folders in My Computer or Control Panel right-click context menu
  • Right Click Shortcuts Creator: Create shortcuts in the right click context menu that points to commonly used files or folders
  • Right Click Cascading Menu Creator: Similar to the Shortcuts creator but allows you to create cascading menus or sub-menus to organize the context menu better
  • Right Click Editor: Remove or add items from the right click context menu
  • Right Click Editor IE: Performs the same function as the Right Click Editor but edits the right click menu in the Internet Explorer
  • Send To Manager: Create shortcuts to specific folders or locations in the Send To menu part of the right-click context menu
  • New Menu Editor: Create or remove the file types present in the right-click context menu’s New sub-menu
  • Simple Right Click Editor: Add or remove the context menu commands from the right-click context menu

Each of the tools or functions comes with their own interface depending on what type of function you have chosen. For example clicking on Right Click Tweaker provides you with a list of tweaks which you can select to be added to the context menu while clicking on Shortcut Creator or My Computer Manager allows you to add files or folders which you want to use in the context menu.

Conclusion and Download Link

Right Click Enhancer comes with a number of features that can help you edit and organize your right-click context menu. In particular, the ability to add shortcuts to both the main context menu or to Send To Menu can help save time by providing faster access to some of the common tasks that we perform.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: v3.1.1

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista /7

Download size: 5.15MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/43

Portability: Available in both installer and portable versions

Right Click Enhancer download page

[via Ghacks]

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  • Eric989

    @Janet: I install almost all of my portable apps under a submenu of C:PortableApps. I just don’t like installing stuff and clogging up my registry with a zillion things. I rarely use portable apps for their portability. Many apps are fully functional in their portable form. I don’t like it when some functions are left out for the purpose of making them truly 100% portable because that is not what I use them for. I wish they would let you do what you want and warn you if you are making changes that bend the rules of portability by associating with files or editing context menus etc. Many of these portable apps have no problem making other changes to your computer. I find stuff under my documents and stuff like that all the time that “portable” apps made without my knowledge.
    As for this program, I have not tried it yet so I have no idea if there are any specific limitations.

  • wdwoody09@gmail.com

    Really do enjoy this blog. Thank you for providing all the useful information. I did have a bad experience when I downloaded this program “Right Click Enhancer”. I’m sure that the actual program is fine. During the download the installer also installed “Sap.do” & the search engine “Babelon”. It took me about an hour to figure out how to delete all of these from my computer. The windows Control Panel program “Programs & Features” could not delete the program. Finally had to use the program “Revo Uninstaller Pro” to get everything running again. I ended up deleting the program “Right Click Enhancer”. Apparently this removed the Windows Exployer 9 default right click basic options; cut, copy, paste and I was not able to get them back until I deleted “Right Click Enhancer”, and restored MS Internet Exployer 9 to original settings.
    So just wanted to let everyone know to be very careful where you download an application or program.
    Thank You,

  • @Mr.Dave:

    I also LOVE FileMenu Tools!!!! Use it all the time! HIGHLY recommended!

  • @Eric989:

    I think at least some of the things you mentioned have to do with putting the portable version on an external drive rather than on an internal drive other than C:…I like my apps to be portable on D:APPLICATIONS, with all the related files in the program’s folder.

    Quite a few apps have limited functionality as portables, but this is usually specified. That’s why I was wondering what the story was with this app….

  • Eric989

    @Janet: @Mr.Dave: I can’t say for sure if installed is ever better but there are some possibilities. Some people may prefer the update procedure of installed because it is often more automated and they don’t have to worry about overwriting their settings ini file etc.
    Installed programs sometimes seem to start up faster and possibly run faster than portable. I don’t have any evidence of this but the installed version of Vlc seems to run faster than the portable version for me.
    For browsers, some programs will ignore your default browser if it is portable. For some reason programs on my computer open my default portable Firefox but it opens with the bookmarks I have installed on my installed version of Firefox.
    The biggest specific difference I have ever came across is that the flashgot extension for Firefox only recognizes installed download managers (possibly only ones in program files but I never put a portable in there) and the manual integration never works as smoothly as if it was automatically recognized.
    Some programs are not fully functional in portable mode as far as right click context menu integration or being set as the default to open a specific file type but some do this just fine. Some portable app makers try to make the apps too portable in my opinion.
    All this being said, the differences are very small and I prefer portable almost 100% of the time. In many situations portable is much better as far as migrating to a new system and stuff like that.

  • Mr.Dave

    I’m wondering the same thing as Janet, is there ever an advantage to use an installed program instead of a portable version?

    Thanks for the writeup, Vinay, this looks like a powerful tool. I’ll try it out next weekend.

    If anyone is looking for good things to ADD to their right-click menus, check out FileMenu Tools (Lopesoft dot com). I don’t work for them or even know them, I just like their program. I upgraded to the newest version yesterday and it keeps getting better. You set it up to add only the commands you want, and can hide them all under a single cascading menu line in the context menu. It offers a long list of capabilities including Find and Replace, Delete lock file, Split and Join, Copy paths, Register DLL, change file date & time, synchronize folders, verify checksums, many others. It also lets you manage the Send-To menu and context menus for several aspects of the system like drives, drivers, recycle bin, etc. This would be a good companion to Right-Click Enhancer, maybe an alternative (they both do a lot of the same things).

  • For a free program, why would someone opt for installed over portable? Are there any advantages? Couldn’t find any answer on their website.

  • Dianne

    I’m getting an error (NSIS) that installer integrity check failed. With the portable version it states “Archive is Corrupt”. program owner, if you are reading this, please email me a good copy??

  • Jeanjean

    Thank you for this review !