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Nexus 7 is refreshed: 16GB can now be had for $199, 32GB for $249, and 3G + WiFi for $299


The Nexus 7 [2] is a killer 7-inch tablet that gained the world’s attention earlier this year by having a low price tag but still being a top-quality tablet. Google [3] has now refreshed the Nexus 7, maybe in answer to the competition (namely Kindle Fire HD [4] and iPad Mini [5]) or maybe because Google had it planned all along.

The “new” Nexus 7 is more or less the same as before except now the 16GB version costs $199 while a new 32GB version is available for $249. (Previously the 8GB version was $199 while the 16GB version was $249.) There is also a new 3G [HSPA+] + WiFi version (32GB) that costs $299.

The 16GB and 32GB versions of the Nexus 7 are available now while the 3G + WiFi version will be available starting November 13.

Nexus 7 homepage [6]