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[Windows] Create fun slideshows with Anvsoft Photo Flash Maker Free

[1]Have you ever wanted to make a flash slideshow to present photos to your family or friends? If so, then Photo Flash Maker Free is just for you. This is a program that will actually help you create professional looking slideshows using Flash. It offers an easy-to-use interface and a ton of great themes to apply to your slideshow.


Main Functionality

As the name suggests, Photo Flash Maker Free is a powerful flash tool that can help give you a fun way to show off your photos. The interface is easy to use, and best of all, it is completely free. Photo Flash Maker Free allows you to spice up your photos by adding dynamic text, music and even descriptions. Who said showing off your photos had to be dull?




[2]Let’s face it, every time you pull out your pictures, your friends sink a little lower into their seats. Of course, showing off pictures does not have to be so bad. All you need to do is give them a little animation. This can be done easily with Photo Flash Maker Free. Will this make your friends like ‘picture time’ more? Probably not, but at least your photo collection will be slightly more entertaining.

There are a number of things to like about Photo Flash Maker Free. For example, the program allows you to save your slideshows in both SWF and HTML format. This allows your slideshows to be run in other programs. Now you can take the pictures of your 2012 vacation with you. Won’t your friends be so excited?

If that is not enough, you can even use this program to burn your slideshows to a CD or DVD. Now you can give it as a gift. Just remember, he who gives slideshows as a gift is likely to get them in return.

One feature I really do like about Photo Flash Maker Free is the fact that the program allows you to upload your slideshows to their free web album called Go2Alumb. From here, people can than embed their slideshows to places like Blogger, Facebook and other social networking websites. One cool idea would be to put a slideshow on eBay if you’re selling items. These kinds of features always make an eBay page look more professional, and now it’s easy to do.

Of course, you don’t have to stop with just moving pictures. You can even add background music to your slideshow and text. Some of the other things it allows you to do include adding in URL links, clip art, etc.


All joking aside, Photo Flash Marker Free is a great program. It really is a great way to turn a bunch of pictures into a fun slideshow. With all of the extra options this program gives you, it is easy to see why I recommend using it. It is a little disappointing that you can’t use all of the templates until you buy the pro version, but for most people the free version should be enough.

Price: Free (paid version available)

Version reviewed: 5.5

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Download size: 28MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/41 [3]

Is it portable? No

Photo Flash Maker Free homepage [4]