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Would you pay $21 million for a clock design? Apple did


Earlier this year we learned that Apple stole the design of a famous, and tradmarked, Swiss clock [2]. After the Swiss called out Apple on the matter, Apple moved quickly to secure some sort of licensing agreement with Swiss Federal Railway. And reach an agreement they did [3], but they didn’t bother to tell us lonely peons the details of the agreement. Now, however, terms of the arrangement have leaked.

According to French news agency FNP, Apple [4] paid Swiss Federal Railway £13 million ($21 million USD) for the rights to use the Swiss clock design in iOS 6. It is unclear if this agreement has a sunset provision (i.e. end date) or not.

So does using the same design as a famous Swiss clock really make iOS 6 $21 million more valuable or did someone at Apple make a very big oops and the shareholders had to pay the price? I’m thinking the latter.

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