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Microsoft is copying Apple again [Comic]

In the recent past Microsoft [1] has made changes to be more like Apple [2] — releasing its own hardware [3], increasing restrictions on its traditionally more open operating system… and firing similarly uncooperative employees? You have may heard that Apple recently fired Scott Forstall, who served as the head of iOS; rumor has it Forstall was fired because he couldn’t get along with other executives. So what does Microsoft do? It fires the head of Windows, Steven Sinofsky, for supposedly the same reasons — he couldn’t get along with others. As the following comic humorously points out, there Microsoft goes copying Apple again:


Of course, in reality, it would be a stretch to accuse Microsoft of copying Apple just because both recently lost high ranking executives… but that doesn’t mean we can’t make fun of them for it.

[via Joy of Tech [5]]