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[Windows 8] How to setup a Picture Password to protect your tablet or PC

Beside Start screen [1], live tiles [2], and Modern UI, Picture Password is another cool feature of Windows 8 [3]. Essentially Picture Password allows you to pick a picture and draw a pattern on the picture; that pattern then becomes your unlock pattern/password for your PC or tablet.

This feature is very useful for users on touch-enabled devices because it helps them login to their PC or tablet quickly and in a more secure manner (picture patterns are typically harder to guess than passwords). Non-touch users can also use Picture Password, but I think traditional password is more appropriate for these users.

In this article, I will show you how to setup and use a Picture Password on your Windows 8 PC or tablet.


Picture Password allows you to “draw” up to three shapes or gestures anywhere on your selected picture to login to your computer or tablet. Not only is the location of the shapes/gestures taken into considering, but the direction, size, and order is too. When you want to login, you essentially have to re-draw the shapes/gestures in the same order, size, spot, and method as you drew them when you first set the Picture Password. Picture Password will prevent you from logging in if you draw wrong shape/gesture, wrong position, wrong order, or wrong method. The video below shows Picture Password in action:


Do the following to setup a Picture Password (remember you can do this on both touch-enabled and non-touch Windows 8 devices):






Enjoy, touchscreen users! (Or mouse-and-keyboard users who decided to use a Picture Password.)