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[Windows 8] How to completely disable spell check and auto-correct on your PC or tablet

Like mobile operation systems, Windows 8 provides a spell check feature throughout the entire system. Once you have turned on this feature (actually, it is on by default), the system checks your spelling everywhere you enter text — even in the desktop mode. Just like Microsoft Word, misspelled words are underlined wit a red line and the checker may fix them automatically (if you choose). However, there many users want to turn off this spell check system, especially non-English speakers. To satisfy this crowd, Windows 8 allows people to turn off the highlight misspelled words and auto-correct features.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what wrong with these options but the system still checks for spelling after I have disabled spell check. It is not only annoying but it also slows down my typing because it checks every word I has typed so far. If you are facing with this problem, this is an article you want to read because I will show you how to completely disable Windows 8 spell check and auto-correct.


There are some system files that allow spell check/auto-correct to work, and to disable them you rename the files. It sounds simple but you need to know there are a few complicated steps involved because you must have permissions before renaming the files. Therefore, you should follow the steps shown below carefully.

That said, to completely turn off spell check/auto-correct, do the following:






Once Windows has restarted, you are done — spell check/auto-correct should be completely disabled!


They are complicated steps to disable spell check/auto-correct but the result is very worth it. Plus you just learned a trick on how to rename, delete, copy, and move any system file. Enjoy!

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