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Unique photos of how an escalator is brought to the 101st floor of a building [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Ever look at a high rise building and wonder how the hell did someone build something so tall? More specifically, how in the world were all the things at the top put there, such as that light bulb dangling in the air sticking out from the edge of the building? Yeah, me too. Today I have a photo to share with you related to this topic.

Check out the following images. They are images of an escalator being hoisted to be put into the 101st floor of the One World Trade Center in the New York City. Be amazed:

escalator_1 [1]

escalator_2 [2]

escalator_3 [3]

escalator_4 [4]

escalator_5 [5]

escalator_6 [6]

escalator_7 [7]

[via The Chiv [8]e]