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[Windows 8] How to turn off localization in Windows Store

Windows Store app is the big new thing in Windows’ history. For the first time, Windows has programs that are optimized for touch-screen device. Works like other mobile app stores, Windows Store has many options to help developers get highest profit as they can. One of them is the ability to localize their apps; that means a developer can hide an app from appearing in the U.S. Windows Store if they want to focus their app on the local language. Therefore, you may can’t see all apps that available in Window Store. However, Windows Store in Windows 8 has the option that allows you can search and use localized apps. In this article, I will show you how to do that.


By default, Windows Store just shows and searches apps that use the same language as your system does. To turn off this option, you should follow these steps.

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This is not an important option, but for some developers, they may want to see apps from everywhere in the world to learn from them. Enjoy!