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Apple’s annual ‘Lucky Bags’ allow Japanese customers to get MacBook Air for as low as $390

appleluckybags [1]

When in Japan during the new year, you’ll notice that many retailers will offer mystery bags for purchase — bags that contain a random assortment of products from that retailer, often at a big discount. Turns out that even some of the biggest companies participate in this yearly tradition, and Apple is one of them.

On January 2nd 2013, Apple Stores in Japan will begin selling Apple’s version of the mystery bag for 33,000 yen, which is equivalent to around $390. It may seem like a steep price to pay for something you don’t even know the contents of, but the whole draw of this tradition is the potential to get some really expensive items for a fraction of the normal price. Normally you can expect a bag to contain iPods, earphones and shirts but there are some bags that might have something as big as an iPad or even a MacBook Air. The promo is sadly limited to Japanese customers, however.

Personally, I don’t think I would try this more than once. But one year would be nice — who knows, I might get lucky. Would you buy a mystery bag from Apple? Comment below [2]!

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