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[iPhone] Army Knife Basic 3-in-1 brings a flashlight, ‘SOS’ light, and level in one

mzl.lchlnuga.320x480-75 [1]Sometimes, I poke around the App Store and find hidden gems. Other times, however, the old apps I manage to turn up are out of date, poorly designed, or both. Army Knife Basic 3-in-1 is one of the latter types of apps. Developed by reduxsoft, this “multi-functional” app is pretty darn underwhelming.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Army Knife Basic 3-in-1 is three tools in one package. The first tool is a “flashlight,” while the second tool is a flashing “SOS” light. The third tool is a level, which can easily be re-calibrated and used on a variety of household improvement projects.




mzl.uicrpzle.320x480-75 [2]This simple app isn’t the worst tool on the App Store. Everything works well, from the levels to the lights. The bigger issue here is that the app hasn’t been updated since 2009.

If you have a newer model iPhone, then you have a flash that makes for a far better flashlight than an app where you just shine an all-white screen at something. What would be great would be if the developers updated this app so that both the screen and the flash would shine at the same time on new phones, giving you a device that shone light in two directions at once.

The level is a great tool, and I have no complaints about it. I still am a bit on the fence about the flashing red SOS screen, but I suppose it would be better than nothing in the event of a car breakdown. Overall, this app just seems like it only serves older phone users.

Conclusion and download link

If you’re running on an older iOS device that doesn’t have a built-in flashlight, Army Knife Basic 3-in-1 is actually not the worst tool to have in your arsenal. But for anyone who wants a more powerful, useful app for a newer model iPhone, this app is kinda useless. You’re better off buying the 8-in-1 version, or another app from a different developer.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.01

Requires iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, iOS version 2.1 or later

Download size: 0.6 MB

Army Knife Basic 3-in-1 on Apple App Store