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If you could pick, what would you make the ending of ‘Star Wars’? [Comic]

Any dotTechies, or dotTechies’ children, have read the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novels? For those that have not read or heard about them, ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ are children books that allow you, as a reader, to select what happens next in the novel. No, they aren’t books with artificial intelligence (they are often paperback and may come in eBook form now). Rather, the books prompt the reader with options and, depending on what the reader picks, the story changes.

What if, like ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’, you had the ability to ‘Choose Your Own Ending’ for movies? More specifically, what if you had this ability with Star Wars? How would you end the Luke-Darth Vadar scene? Check it out:

choose_your_own_story_comic [1]


[via Manu Cornet [2]]